Our idea is to produce quality in an efficient way

Our goal is to offer quality and a comprehensive product spectrum at a better price

Our idea is to offer quality instruments at a competitive price. We develop our product selection based on customer feed-back, trends within the field and our own experience.

Instruments we would like to use ourselves

The experience of the founders of Mathemedix is at the center of our product selection. We know from experience, which instruments are practical and what challenges surgeons face in their daily work. This knowledge has helped us to develop new and more easy-to-use instruments.

We want to guide surgeons towards a smoother way of working, with more suitable instruments.

Product development according to needs

Our product array is expanded with new instruments and implants. We have a sensitive ear for the surgeons wishes and alter the functionality of our products, also according to demands from new surgical techniques.

If you have an idea or a need, we would like to hear about it.

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