Mathemedix – a combination of strong experience

Mathemedix was founded in 2019 when three entrepreneurs, with a drive for high quality products for the small animal veterinary business, came together. Each one is a profound specialist in and with a personal experience of different aspects of veterinary medicine.

Alessandro Piras

An Italian veterinarian and a widely known international specialist in surgery, with a special interest in small animal orthopedics and design of orthopedic implants and instruments. Alessandro sits in several international committees and has a contact network that covers the whole globe.

He has had his own practices in Italy and Ireland and worked mainly with sporting dogs. Since 2018 he has permanently worked in Finland treating orthopedic cases and teaching younger generations.

Alex Lee

A medical engineer from China, with a knowledge and capacity to produce the best surgical implants and instruments available to the industry and with a wide contact network to producers of electronic equipment for surgery, intensive care and diagnostics in veterinary medicine.

Jan Räihä

A Finnish veterinarian with a main interest in small animal surgery and especially ortopedics. He has a PhD in fracture fixation with biodegradable implants and has founded or consulted on several clinic and hospital projects.

Jan has been one of the leading persons in the consolidation of small animal practices in Finland and acts now as a consultant. Jan has mainly worked as an orthopedic surgeon at Espoo Animal Hospital, which was founded by him and his wife and managed by them for almost 30 years.